Compared to other parts of the United States, Iowa is known for having harsher winters with more ice and snow. As such, Iowa roads are much more hazardous than roads in the Southern half of the US. Though we are better equipped to deal with snow and ice (e.g., with stocks of salt, sand, and snow plows) than are other states, the risk of a truck accident is still a frightening prospect to many people. When roads become slick or icy, it becomes much easier to lose control of a truck.

While it is true that trucks are equipped with more wheels and more advanced braking systems than standard vehicles to manage their heavy loads, ice still increases the chance of a trucking accident resulting in a multicar pileup. Black ice can cause a driver to jackknife or fail to brake in time, resulting in numerous personal injuries and, sadly enough, even fatalities.

Even small amounts of rain can cause oil spots on the road to become extremely slick, resulting in the loss of control of a fully loaded semi-truck. Unfortunately, trucking accidents are devastating by nature, due to their heavy loads and large sizes. The most common results of trucking accidents include personal injuries of all shapes and sizes, wrongful deaths, and massive amounts of property damage (i.e. totaled vehicles).

After the Accident

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a preventable trucking accident, you need to reach out to Tom Riley Law Firm. We have been helping the victims of trucking accidents since 1980, and we can help you, too. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury under such circumstances, you are likely entitled to compensation. Furthermore, if a loved one has suffered a fatality, his or her family may be entitled to compensation for a wrongful death.