We are available to assist you with business and contractual litigation, lender disputes, ag law, estate planning and probate, wrongful termination, and civil rights cases.

Business and Contractual Litigation

Legal disputes are a common part of doing business these days, but the lack of an experienced contract litigation attorney can be disastrous for your business. If you feel that another party has breached a contract, we can help you gain specific performance or win compensation for breaking an agreement.

Lender Disputes

Many financial contracts contain complex language that leaves parties feeling confused. If you feel you have been wronged, our expertise with lender disputes can help correct any damages another party has inflicted on you financially.

Agricultural Law

Farmers and agricultural laborers face a different set of challenges than most other professions. However, we understand and value how hard farmers work each year. In addition, we understand how much money is invested into farming equipment and land, and no one better understands this area of the law in Iowa.

Estate Planning & Probate

Preparing the division of your estate can be very challenging without competent legal assistance. We have helped countless families in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas prepare for the future with estate planning and probate law.

Wrongful Termination of Employment

Sometimes corporations try to “get away with murder” by breaching an employment contract for any number of reasons. However, you have rights that were spelled out in great detail in an employment contract. If an employer is infringing upon this agreement, we can help you win the compensation you deserve.

Civil Rights

Be aware that as an American and a resident of Iowa, you have well-defined rights that cannot be violated by an employer, merchant, or others whom you may encounter. If you have been discriminated against or your rights have been violated, it is high time to seek the help of an expert civil law attorney. Our decades of experience will help ensure that your rights are protected.