Olympics are a Passion for TRLF Partner

Sara Riley has always had a passion for the Olympics – both winter and summer. The longtime Tom Riley Law Firm partner is glued to the screen cheering on her favorite Olympic athletes this month as the Winter Olympics are hosted in South Korea from February 9 – 27.

As a formidable high school gymnast, Sara spent countless hours in the gym honing her craft, which enables her to fully appreciate the skill and dedication it takes to be a competitive athlete going for gold at the highest levels in the world.

“I wasn’t an Olympic gymnast, but I was a decent high school gymnast and I am glad I dedicated so many hours in the gym,” says Sara. She remains in awe of the time commitment and determination exhibited by the more than 240 American athletes representing their country. “I can assure you those Olympians worked more hours than anyone and their parents sacrificed much,” she says.

While she has no regrets about the path she followed – which led her to law school at Drake University and later to represent clients who have suffered personal injuries, have been injured as a result of medical negligence or have been subjected to discrimination in employment – part of her wonders about whether she could have taken her gymnastics career to the next level.

Never one to shy away from hard work, Sara relished the hours spent in the gym – and now contemplates if she should have spent even more.

“If I could live my life over again the one thing I would not change was the endless hours in the gym,” says Sara. “If anything I would have worked longer hours and taken less breaks. I would like to know just how good I could have become.”